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You can extrapolate how to use this finding from a marketing perspective: If you need to reach out to customers or prospects about an emotional or sensitive subject, don't use a one-size-fits-all approach.Citing , a book by psychologist Barry Schwartz, Ansari and Klinenberg pointed out that more options doesn't necessarily lead to happier customers.The first season followed the show’s creator, Alex Blumberg, as he attempted to launch his own podcasting company.

Free New Port Richey chat, latest topics discussed: Adult Questions, Not For The Shy, Good Morning, So is everyone still fighting with their multiple, I'm Sorry, Depression Set In For a Day or Five, Hello.Maybe 500 a day come back and say, “You know, look, I found my long term partner from Ok Cupid.Thank you – here’s my user name; here’s his user name.” So we do have some data on these people. Obviously those are very important questions to agree on, but you can’t sit there across the table from someone you’ve just met and rock them out at them. And I found some amazing things like the question, “Do you like scary movies? And the same with, “Have you ever traveled to another country alone?And I went back and I looked at the questions that those people had in common, and I wanted to find the questions you could ask on a first date, so not the super heavy stuff, not like: Do you want to have kids? ” These successful couples agree on that question about 75 percent of the time. PS: So there’s a high correlation between people who feel the same way about scary movies and their eventual success as a couple. ” And, “Would you like to ditch it all and go live on a sail boat?” All three questions, now that I say them out loud, are kind of indicative of being an adventurous person – even horror movies, I think.That didn’t stop him from going off the rails during the show, though.Listeners heard Blumberg stutter through disastrous VC pitches and agonize over whether he was taking the company in the right direction.The Club's weekly radio broadcast - the oldest in the U.S., dating back to 1924 - is carried across the nation on public radio stations.Here are four highlights: One topic Ansari and Klinenberg explored in their book was a common dating question: If you meet someone at a bar and get their contact info, what's the best way to follow up? The answer depends on the age of whoever is being contacted, Ansari and Klinenberg found. That's very old-fashioned and interesting," is how Ansari described it. Leave me alone." These same expectations apply to the fine art of how to break up with someone.A woman in her 30s or older was more likely to view a call as a positive sign. By contrast, he said, women in their 20s were more likely to view calling as a negative. The older you are, the more being dumped via text (as opposed to in person or over the phone) seems like an affront.


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